Comfort Keepers to Create 545 Jobs

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Irish Owned Comfort Keepers Home Care to create 545 new jobs nationwide

"We are delighted that our focus on the provision of quality home care has led to the continued expansion of Comfort Keepers.” “It is also huge boost of confidence for us as an Irish owned family run business to be able to create this level of employment nationwide over the next 12 months”, Bob Power – Managing Director of Comfort Keepers Home Care

Comfort Keepers Home Care is delighted today to announce the opening of 2 new offices and training centres and the creation of 545 new jobs in 15 counties. These offices and training centres will be opened within the next month with the immediate creation of 6 full time jobs and 200 part time jobs.

An additional 19 fulltime and 320 part time jobs will then be created over the next 9 months existing offices.

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